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You Must Prepare to Win!

By Melisa Alaba


I’m headed out the door, headed to my afternoon yoga class. As I grab my yoga mat, water and towel, I am reminded that in life we must prepare to win. Nothing comes without preparation. Oh, you might do okay the first time, but soon or later a lack of preparation will grab you and render you useless.
Here are a few tips to prepare to win in business and life:

  1. You need a team. You are one person and, as much as you or your spouse may think you can do it all, you can’t. Enlist a maid, babysitter, personal assistant, coach or whatever else you need to make the journey more enjoyable and doable.
  2. You need a strong support system. I’m not talking about your mom, either. Although if you have a cool one, like Oprah, I love it. Surround yourself with powerful women who are achieving in life and in business. You will feel better in your own space when you do.
  3. You need faith. You must believe that you can do it. Faith comes from doing and staying strong in the Word. So each day pray, practice affirmations and get to doing what you can to bring the dream alive and God will do the rest.

These are just a few things you need to get prepared for a new journey. Remember to pack light because most of what you need, you already have inside of you.
Love you,