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Vision Boards ~ 5 Keys to Transforming Your Life

By Melisa Alaba


I am sure you have heard of Vision Boards by now. And if you have not here is a quick review.Vision boards are designed by you. As the designer you become creative as you cut-out pictures of what you want to see in your life and add them to a poster board or frame.

The concept is that your mind will direct the things that you placed on your board to come your way. Many people first heard of vision boards when the book the secret came out years ago.

I have been using some form of Vision boards since 2001. They really are fantastic when used correctly in helping you expand your vision and open up the possibilities that life has to offer. Over the years I have also heard people complain that they have never received what they hoped for. I am going to help you resolve that issue right now.

Here are 5 keys to receive what you desire using your vision board.

Key #1: When creating your board allow yourself plenty of time and space to focus on your dreams and goals. Really think about what you want to see in your life. Ask yourself questions such as: How will accomplishing this change my life? Who’s life will I impact by accomplishing this goal? What is the purpose that God has for me?

Key #2: Become clear about who you are and what you want. Be authentic in what you want to see happen. Choose pictures that reflect your true self. If you choose cars and homes which you really do not desire then you will not manifest it. This is a common mistake that many people make when creating a vision board. They choose pictures that are not in align with their spirit. Choose pictures that you are drawn too. They be abstract, colors or symbols.  Ask yourself: What do I really want? Free yourself up to fantasize about living a no limit life.  What is calling me? Often times, our spirit will direct us to something we would not have choosen ourselves but we know deep down it has significance.

Key #3: Create your board based on your values in every area of your life. Think about your health, spirit,  family, business, career, recreation and your finances. There are many types of boards such as Financial boards, Business boards and all-in-one boards. No matter which board you choose always remember to use your values as starting point in the creation process. What would success look like to you? Would it include time for your family and friends? What are my values? How will I reflect that in my future?

Key #4: Use Meditation, Prayer and Affirmations to move your spirit in direct alignment in what you want to produce. Are you ready to receive all that you asked for? Would you believe it if it happened? Take time to prepare for the manifestation and truth will be revealed to you at an accelerated pace.

Key #5: Lastly and probably most importantly- Take Action. When opportunities in the form of people or situations come your way go for it. You can only achieve your goals and dreams if you put in the time and work. Your spiritual self wants to move and is aching for something to achieve. You have to be the catalyst to get the ball in action. Every time you reach higher God will expand that reach. Make this the year that you give him something to work with!

I am so excited about your future and I look forward to walking on this beautiful journey with you. Contact me for how I can help you achieve your goals today.