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I Am Stronger!


Like the rest of the world I had some big goals for 2018. They all are exciting to me right now.  I’m stepping into new territory in my professional and personal life. It’s scary and delicious at the same time. What’s interesting is my personal goals are spilling over into my professional ambitions. 

You see one of my big personal goals is to get stronger.  As you may know I’m a Thyroid Cancer survivor. Not having a Thyroid causes you to : low energy and feel weak in your upper body. You also gain a little weight. Well I decided to gently and forcible be a BadAss and take my body to new heights in 2018.

Forcible because honestly it feels good to just do my walking or sit on my meditation mat. But before all of this cancer stuff (full disclosure: I’m healed and cancer free) I loved Belly Dancing, Spinning, Hip Hop dancing, Pilates and lifting weights. I wanted to get back to being me. I wanted more movement and strength in my life. So despite what I had been told by doctors. I decided to take my  health to the next level.   I made a commitment to myself to try some new group classes at my gym this year. I wouldn’t commit to anything. I would just try something new each week. 

By forcing myself out of my old routine and not belaboring my issues. I found several new classes that I love!  Today while in Yoga I had a gentle tearing up. I teared up because I realized how Strong I was and how much stronger I was becoming.  Because I needed to ease back into exercise being gentle was so important for me to stay motivated.  So I added classes like Aqua Aerobics, gentle yoga and massages.

I also enlisted some new friends  I met at my health club in different classes. I asked them if it was okay if we held each other accountable for showing up each week to class. So far it’s been so great. I have met so many new people. 
But most importantly I’ve learned that it’s okay to force yourself to do the things that seem hard in the moment.  Self discipline is the tool that ultimately leads to success.  I am also learning that even with our goals we have to maintain self-care so we can keep our pace and not burn out. 

Getting stronger in my body, mind and spirit is fueling so much good in my life. I’m truly grateful for this moment. The next time we speak make sure you check in with me on my progress. Accountability is the key to moving us all forward. 
How are you doing with your goals this month?  What are some things that you do to feel strong?

With Gratitude and Love,