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Smiling african american womanI Am Stronger!

Like the rest of the world I had some big goals for 2018. They all are exciting to me right now.  I’m stepping into new territory in my professional and personal life. It’s scary and delicious at the same time. What’s interesting is my personal goals are spilling over into my professional ambitions. 



5 Tips To Get Your  Book Out Of Your Head and Into The World

It’s 5:30 am and the alarm is beeping. It’s time to get my youngest daughter ready for school. She attends school an hour away from our home. After dropping her off at home I will get back to my office around 9am. Then the calls will start and my first client meeting will happen at 10am. 




Is Fear Holding You Back?

When I think of the number one emotion that causes the most pain to the human body, fear is the first thing that pops up in my mind. Fear cripples people and causes them to go into paralysis, leaving a trail of sadness, unlived lives and hopelessness. I know for sure that you can conquer fear by living a life full of purpose. 




woman looking at post-it notesVision Boards ~ 5 Keys to Transforming Your Life

I am sure you have heard of Vision Boards by now. And if you have not here is a quick review.Vision boards are designed by you. As the designer you become creative as you cut-out pictures of what you want to see in your life and add them to a poster board or frame. 




10 Ways to Attract the Love You Want

Since, moving to Atlanta I have heard multiple times that there  just aren’t any good single available black men to date. When I challenge this statement I am often told  “It’s hard for an educated financial stable sista to find a decent prospect.” Well I am here to announce that this statement simply isn’t true. 




woman sitting in a yoga pose at sunriseYou Must Prepare to Win!

I’m headed out the door, headed to my afternoon yoga class. As I grab my yoga mat, water and towel, I am reminded that in life we must prepare to win. Nothing comes without preparation. Oh, you might do okay the first time, but soon or later a lack of preparation will grab you and render you useless.