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Book Coaching

Book Coaching With MelisaRock Out As An Author

As an author, you set yourself apart from the crowd. You become a part of the elite 1% that is published. Your book allows you to become a Thought leader in your field which opens the doors to many opportunities. Coaching with Melisa  was designed allows you to get the accountability and structure to finally release your book and get your “ Big Message” into the world. 

You will learn the mechanics of understanding your writing :

  • Discover who your target audience is.

  • Identify your magic message.

  • Understand your unique voice.

  • Receive supportive feedback from Melisa weekly.

  • Be held accountable for completing your book.

We will also cover the mechanics of publishing your book:

  • Pick Your Perfect Title

  • Review Your Book Covers

  • Review layout designs

  • Design your unique marketing plan

  • Working with copy editors, illustrators, publishers 

  • Receive an audiocourse on self-publishing by Melisa Alaba as a bonus.

  • Receive step –by- Step guiadance to self publish your (non-fiction book, Self-help, how-to, Spiritual) Book

It’s time to get your stuff together and finish your book! 

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