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5 Tips To Get Your Book Out Of Your Head and Into The World

It’s 5:30 am and the alarm is beeping. It’s time to get my youngest daughter ready for school. She attends school an hour away from our home. After dropping her off at home I will get back to my office around 9am. Then the calls will start and my first client meeting will happen at 10am. A few hours later the day is ending and it’s time to pick my youngest up from the bus. And homework and afterschool activities will begin. If I’m lucky I will get in bed  by 10 pm. You get the picture life is busy and for most of us there is always something going on. So how does one get their book, ebook, script or workbook done in such a busy world?  

Here are 5 surefire ways to get your book done this year.

  • First you need to focus. Focus is required to complete all the elements of writing a good book that you will be proud of and readers will value. Start by seeing where you can carve out 2 hours per week consistently. I personally write every Saturday morning and in the evening. I use my would be TV time for writing and binge watch my shows when time allows.
  • Start with the end in mind. Outline your book. Creating an outline of the chapters will help you focus your writing. It will also help you to create a book that offers tremendous value to your readers.
  • Motivate Yourself.  Create your book title, have a mock book cover designed, and imagine what your readers will say about your work once your book is in their hands. Starting to visualize your book will motivate you to keep going. 
  • Set a deadline. I require that all my clients complete their books in 3 month and some surpass that time. Having a complete date keeps the momentum going and helps you to maintain focus and creativity. It’s nothing like a deadline to put fire under you. 
  • Get an accountability Partner.  Join a writers group and/ or work with a Coach to help you stay motivated and keep you accountable to move through the project.  Each week you will be expected to show up with written pages and this will keep you on track to becoming an author!

Impacting The World,

Melisa  Alaba


Melisa Alaba is the author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways To Reawaken Your Spirit and Live Your Purpose and the soon to be released book , You The Rock Star , Succeeding In Business and Life .  Melisa is a Business Coach, Author and founder of the Eliza Mary Global Network. Connect with Melisa at www.Melisaalaba.com  Ready to bring your project to life? Schedule a Discovery call with Melisa so you can get your dream project out of your head and into the world.